Women in Politics | Advocate Fariha Jaffar Bajwa | Not Every Woman | EP 41

    “Join us in a riveting episode hosted by Marriam Kaiwan as we unravel the inspiring professional journey of Fariha Jaffar Bajwa, an accomplished Advocate at the High Court and a dedicated Social Rights activist. In this captivating conversation, Fariha shares her experiences, insights, and anecdotes from her remarkable career. Our seasoned host, Marriam Kaiwan, skillfully navigates through Fariha’s impactful story, exploring her dedicated advocacy work in the legal realm and her commitment to social rights activism. Fariha’s journey unfolds with tales of triumphs and challenges, providing a valuable perspective for aspiring legal professionals, activists, and those passionate about making a positive impact in society. Stay tuned for this week’s empowering episode as we honor the spirit of justice and social impact, showcasing the exceptional achievements and wisdom of Fariha Jaffar Bajwa. Subscribe, like, and share as we continue to explore the stories that inspire us all.”

    Host : Marriam Kaiwan

    Guest : Ft. Fariha Jaffar Bajwa (Advocate High Court, Social Rights activist)

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