40 Years of Leadership and Transformation | Arshad Khan | Upper Deck | Epi 05

    In the latest episode of Upper Deck, we are thrilled to have Arshad Khan, a distinguished professional with an impressive 40 years of diversified experience in the corporate realm. Arshad has held esteemed Board level and Senior Management positions in various National, Multi-national, and public sector organizations. His expertise spans strategic planning and management, organizational development, policy and strategy formulation, commercial and technical assignments, managing large public sector organizations, navigating regulatory frameworks, and the transformation of existing entities. Arshad’s extensive background in both the telecom and media sectors has provided him with a unique vantage point to understand the challenges and issues related to service delivery and regulatory frameworks, particularly in the context of the convergence of media, telecom, and information technologies. Among his notable achievements, Arshad played a pivotal role in establishing Ufone, a cellular venture, virtually from the ground up. As the Chief Executive, he spearheaded the deployment of a cutting-edge cellular network and achieved remarkable marketing and financial outcomes. Ufone acted as a catalyst in propelling the growth of the cellular industry in Pakistan. Furthermore, Arshad’s transformative leadership led to the revival of significant public sector organizations. As Chairman/Managing Director, he successfully turned around Pakistan Television (PTV) and Pakistan Post, enhancing their performance and impact. Arshad’s expertise and contributions have extended beyond his executive roles. He has served as a member on the boards of influential organizations such as Ufone, Pakistan Television, Pakistan Post, Radio Pakistan, Associated Press of Pakistan (APP), Shalimar Recording & Broadcasting Corporation (ATV), and Allama Iqbal Open University. Additionally, he has shared his knowledge and insights as a guest speaker at esteemed institutions like NIPA, Administrative Staff College, IBA, and the National Defence University (NDU). In recognition of his exceptional contributions, Arshad Khan was honored with the prestigious Civil Award “Sitara-e-Imtiaz” by the President of Pakistan in 2006. This esteemed accolade acknowledged his outstanding achievements in fueling the growth of Pakistan’s cellular market, establishing Ufone with utmost professionalism and success, and orchestrating the remarkable turnaround of Pakistan Television (PTV) from a loss-making entity to a profitable enterprise. Join us as we delve into Arshad Khan’s vast knowledge and experience, gaining valuable insights into the dynamic world of corporate leadership, strategic planning, and the evolving landscape of media, telecom, and information technologies. Subscribe to our channel for more thought-provoking discussions and stay tuned for exciting episodes of “Upper Deck.”

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