Candid with Najiba Faiz | Actor Host Model | Not Every Woman | Epi #9

    In the latest episode of “Not Every Woman,” Najiba Faiz, a Pakistani television host, drama, and film actress, was invited to share her journey in the television industry. She discussed her early days at PTV and how her first drama character “Dil Ruba” helped her gain recognition in the industry. Najiba also talked about her time with Khyber Network (AVT Channels), where she honed her skills and received a boost in her career. She expressed gratitude towards the management of the channel for playing a significant role in her career. Furthermore, she shared her experience as a host in Afghanistan and how she introduced a modern touch to the Afghan TV industry. She also talked about her stay in Kabul and Afghan culture. Najiba also opened up about facing criticism, especially on social media, for her work and her portrayal of the culture. Overall, her journey in the industry and her experiences shed light on the challenges and triumphs of being a woman in the entertainment industry.

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