Challenges and Perceptions: The Reality of Being a CSS Officer | Uncut by Ahsan | Epi #7

    In the latest episode of “Uncut by Ahsan,” we had the honor of hosting Awaid Irshad Bhatti, who is currently serving as the Assistant Commissioner of Islamabad. Awaid is not only an accomplished CSS officer, but he also graduated from some of the most prestigious universities in the world, including Cambridge and Berkeley. During the interview, Awaid opened up about his personal life and shared his passion for art, music, and traveling. He emphasized how important it is to pursue one’s hobbies and interests, even amidst a busy and demanding career like his. Moving on to more serious topics, Awaid shed light on some of the flaws in the system and the challenges faced by CSS officers in Pakistan. He talked about the public’s impatience and unrealistic expectations, which often make it difficult for CSS officers to perform their duties effectively. He also touched upon the issue of corruption, which has unfortunately become rampant in the bureaucracy of the country. Moreover, Awaid explained how the perception of the public regarding the life of a CSS officer is completely different from the reality. While many people view CSS officers as having a glamorous and luxurious lifestyle, the truth is far from it. CSS officers face immense pressure and challenges in fulfilling their responsibilities and meeting the expectations of the government and the people. Throughout the interview, Awaid provided valuable insights and shared his experiences as a CSS officer, including how he balances his personal life with his professional duties. His story is not only inspiring, but it also highlights the importance of pursuing one’s passions, even in the face of daunting challenges. Overall, the episode provided an informative and thought-provoking discussion on the realities of being a CSS officer in Pakistan.

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