Curious about the world behind the MIC? | National Voice Over Artist | Not Every Woman | Ep 36

    Join us in this episode hosted by Marriam Kaiwan as we embark on a captivating exploration of the incredible journey of Rimsha Kanwal, a renowned National Voice Over Artist, Radio Jockey, and a true maestro of multiple talents. Rimsha, a beacon of talent and inspiration, shares her profound insights into the world of voice artistry, radio, and her diverse experiences in the vibrant cities of Islamabad and Karachi, Pakistan. Marriam Kaiwan, our seasoned host, skillfully navigates through Rimsha Kanwal’s life story, delving into her career as a National Voice Over Artist and Radio Host at FM101, Radio Pakistan. Rimsha’s narrative unfolds with tales of her impactful journey, touching on various aspects of her dynamic career. In this episode, Rimsha Kanwal generously shares her passion for voice artistry, offering valuable perspectives on the evolving dynamics of radio and the entertainment industry in Pakistan. As a seasoned Newscaster at Radio Pakistan, she brings a wealth of experience to the forefront, intertwining her roles as a vocalist, poetess, voice-over artist, and social media counselor. Rimsha, not just confined to the airwaves, showcases her culinary skills as a chef, wears the hat of an influencer, and pens down her thoughts as a blogger. Her multifaceted personality is a testament to her dedication to the art of voice and communication. By hitting that subscribe button now, you’re in for an enlightening and entertaining experience. This episode celebrates the talent of extraordinary individuals like Rimsha Kanwal, who have dedicated their lives to the art of voice and communication. Get ready for an insightful journey that will spark your curiosity, encourage appreciation for voice artistry, and shed light on the dynamic world of radio and beyond in Islamabad and Karachi, Pakistan. Stay tuned for this week’s engaging episode as we honor the spirit of voice artistry and entertainment, showcasing the remarkable achievements and talent of Rimsha Kanwal. Subscribe, like, and share as we continue to explore the stories that inspire us all.

    Host : Marriam Kaiwan Guest : Ft. RJ Rimsha Kanwal (National Voice Over Artist)

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