Explore Todd’s incredible journey as a converted Muslim to Pakistan | Todd Shea | Upper Deck | Epi 9

    In this episode of “The Upper Deck,” we’re honored to feature the remarkable journey of Mr. Todd Shea. From a musician inspired by personal challenges, Todd ventured into disaster and humanitarian work, amassing 21 years of experience in 26 global emergencies. He’s the founder of CDRS, a humanitarian organization that’s impacted over 3.5 million lives through disaster relief, clean water projects, medical facilities, education initiatives, and Pakistan’s largest animal welfare program. He also introduced CDRS YOUTH, fostering local leaders to address community needs and drive sustainable development. Join us as host Abbas Bilgrami engages in a conversation with the inspiring Todd Shea. Host : Abbas Bilgrami Guest : Todd Shea – Musician, Animal lover & Humanitarian

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