Exposing Dr. Affan Qaiser’s Misleading Influence on Mental & Sexual Issues | Uncut by Ahsan | Epi 11

    Welcome to the latest episode of “Uncut by Ahsan” where we have invited Dr. Usama Bin Zubair, a highly experienced consultant psychiatrist & psychotherapist with 9 years of practice. In this insightful episode, we delve into crucial topics that are often ignored or underestimated when it comes to mental health. Join us as we explore common mental health problems that are frequently overlooked or underestimated, shedding light on their significance. We also address misconceptions surrounding mental health, specifically related to jin/ghost possession, unraveling the truth behind these beliefs. Furthermore, we tackle the topic of drug use, examining how individuals typically initiate such behaviors and discussing the types of drugs that are currently popular in Islamabad and Pakistan. This discussion provides valuable insights into the prevailing drug culture and its impact on society. Another crucial aspect we explore is the connection between sexual needs and mental health. We delve into how these two areas of human experience can influence one another, shedding light on the profound relationship between sexual well-being and mental health. Moreover, we shine a spotlight on unethical psychiatric practices in the twin cities, exposing controversial aspects within the field and discussing the implications for patients and the broader community. In addition, we take a closer look at the current drama trends that people are consuming, examining how they impact the masses. By exploring the influence of popular dramas, we gain a deeper understanding of their effects on societal perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors. Finally, we expose the controversial expertise of Dr. Affan, highlighting the misleading influence he has through social media on the masses. This revelation aims to foster critical thinking and encourage a discerning approach to consuming content online. Tune in to this thought-provoking episode of “Uncut by Ahsan” for an engaging and enlightening discussion on mental health, drug use, controversial practices, and their impact on society. Don’t miss out on gaining valuable insights from Dr. Usama Bin Zubair, an expert in the field of psychiatry and psychotherapy.

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