Gandhi Died of Assassin Bullet, Jinnah Died of his Devotion to Pakistan | Uncut by Ahsan | Epi #9

    Welcome to the latest episode of “Uncut by Ahsan,” where we bring you intriguing conversations with remarkable individuals. In this episode, we had the pleasure of hosting Yasser Latif Hamdani, a renowned human rights barrister and writer based in Pakistan. Notably, Hamdani played a pivotal role in successfully lifting the ban on YouTube in Pakistan and is the esteemed author of books such as “Jinnah: Myth and Reality” (2012) and “Between Worlds, A Pakistani’s Quest to Forge Meaning” (2016). He is also a member of the Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn in London. During our discussion, we delved into the profound insights Hamdani shared about Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founding father of Pakistan. We explored the stark contrast between the Pakistan that Jinnah dreamed of and the reality it has become. Hamdani shed light on the type of nation Jinnah envisioned and how it diverged over time. One intriguing topic we explored was the role of religious parties in Pakistan’s political landscape. Despite historical rejections by the people in Pakistan’s electoral history, we examined how religious slogans and rhetoric continue to resonate with political parties. This paradoxical relationship between religious parties and the electorate sparked thought-provoking dialogue. Furthermore, we explored Jinnah’s early life and how his background as a member of a Muslim minority group propelled him to serve the Muslim community at a higher level. Hamdani discussed Jinnah’s journey, from being Muhammad Ali Jinnah to earning the revered title of Quaid e Azam. We celebrated Jinnah’s exceptional leadership skills and unwavering devotion to Pakistan after its independence. Additionally, our conversation touched upon Mahatma Gandhi’s approach, emphasizing how he followed the popular narrative in India, while examining the issue of caste discrimination prevalent in the country. The guest also stated that nowadays Bangladesh is at some extent Jinnah’s pakistan and bangolies were the one who supported the idea of Pakistan and stud by Jinnah. Join us for this captivating episode filled with insights, reflections, and a deeper understanding of Pakistan’s history, politics, and the enduring legacy of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Tune in now to gain a fresh perspective on the vision Jinnah had for Pakistan and the challenges it faces today. Host : Ahsan Bilal Bajwa Guest : Yasser Latif Hamdani

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