How to Survive in a Male-dominated Media Field | Bakhtawar Mahmood | Not Every Woman | Epi #1

    Welcome to the first episode of our Podcast series “Not Every Woman” hosted by Marriam Kaiwan, where we showcase inspiring stories of women empowerment. In this first episode, we have the pleasure of hosting Bakhtawar Mahmood, an accomplished Anchor, Head of Content Media Sniffers & MSL, and a leading expert in digital content creation. Bakhtawar shares her insights on some pertinent topics that affect women in the media industry. She delves into the norms of digital media for female influencers and how they can navigate this space while staying true to their values and beliefs. Bakhtawar’s years of experience in the industry make her an ideal candidate to shed light on the challenges faced by female content creators and influencers, and her valuable tips and advice are sure to be beneficial to our viewers. Furthermore, she also talks about whether media is the only field where females can earn well. This is a topic of significant interest, as it highlights the gender pay gap and how it affects women across various industries. Bakhtawar’s perspective on this matter is thought-provoking and insightful, and she provides practical advice to women who want to break through the glass ceiling and thrive in their chosen professions. Overall this episode is a must-watch for anyone interested in women’s empowerment, digital media, or navigating a male-dominated field. Her naturalistic style and persuasive delivery make this episode engaging and informative, leaving our viewers with much to ponder and implement in their own lives.

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