Islamic womanhood: a beautiful balance of Strength, Humility & Empowerment | Not Every Woman | Ep 35

    “In this episode hosted by Marriam Kaiwan, we explore the insightful journey of Dr. Kanwal Kaisser, a distinguished paediatrician and counselor. Dr. Kaisser, a multifaceted professional making waves in the fields of healthcare and counseling, shares her valuable insights and experiences in this podcast. Marriam Kaiwan skillfully guides us through Dr. Kaisser’s compelling narrative, shedding light on her expertise in family planning, addressing childhood traumas, and navigating the complexities of modern-day parenting. The episode delves into Dr. Kaisser’s wealth of knowledge, emphasizing the importance of her dual role as a paediatrician and counselor. Dr. Kanwal Kaisser generously imparts her wisdom, underlining the significance of family planning, addressing childhood traumas, and providing guidance on contemporary parenting challenges. Throughout the episode, the focus is on Dr. Kaisser’s profound contributions and the vital role she plays in shaping the well-being of families. Subscribe now for an insightful journey, celebrating the expertise of professionals like Dr. Kanwal Kaisser. Join us as we present an engaging, informative, and thought-provoking episode that explores the nuances of family planning, childhood traumas, and modern-day parenting. Stay tuned for this week’s enlightening conversation as we honor the dedication of healthcare professionals and gain valuable insights into fostering healthy families with Dr. Kanwal Kaisser.”

    Host : Marriam Kaiwan Guest : Ft. Dr Kanwal Kaisser (Pediatrician, Counsellor)

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