Journey of a Doctor, from Army to Entrepreneurship | Dr. Afsheen Bilal | Not Every Woman | Epi 21

    Join us as we sit down with the incredible Dr. Afsheen Bilal, a name synonymous with both healing and innovation. Dr. Afsheen Bilal story is a testament to the unyielding spirit of someone who has not only embraced change but also harnessed it to transform her life and the lives of countless others. Initially beginning her career as a dedicated medical professional in the Army, Dr. Afsheen Bilal’s story takes a fascinating twist when she embarks on a new venture – entrepreneurship. Through our engaging conversation, we uncover the riveting chapters of her life that led to this momentous transition. Discover how her experiences in the Army equipped her with qualities such as discipline, leadership, and adaptability – qualities that would later prove to be the foundation of her entrepreneurial journey. As we explore the transitions, challenges, and triumphs that marked her path, you’ll gain insights into how Dr. Afsheen Bilal fearlessly ventured into the realm of entrepreneurship. Her unique perspective offers listeners a fresh outlook on the convergence of diverse disciplines, ultimately leading to innovative breakthroughs. At the Podcast Variety Channel, we take pride in showcasing stories that challenge conventions, shatter stereotypes, and exemplify the boundless human spirit. Join us for this captivating episode as we explore the extraordinary voyage of Dr. Afsheen Bilal – a journey that seamlessly connects the dots between the disciplined world of the Army and the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship. Prepare to be inspired, motivated, and enlightened as we bring you insights that transcend boundaries and redefine success. Subscribe now and embark on this transformative experience with us!

    Host : Marriam Kaiwan Guest : Dr Afsheen Bilal

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