Life of a Young Civil Servant | Nehel Hafeez (Asst. Commissioner) | Not Every Woman | Epi 23

    Join us as we explore the extraordinary journey of Nehel Hafeez, the Assistant Commissioner (Potohar), Islamabad. In this episode, we have the privilege of delving into the remarkable life and experiences of a woman who has not only excelled in her professional career but has also faced and conquered personal challenges along the way. As an Assistant Commissioner Nehel Hafeez brings her dedication, resilience, and leadership to the forefront. Her story is an inspiring testament to the heights that can be achieved through hard work and determination. Throughout this episode, Nehel Hafeez will share her personal and professional experiences, shedding light on the obstacles she has overcome and the milestones she has achieved. Her journey is a reflection of strength, perseverance, and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on her community and the world. Hosted by Marriam Kaiwan, this conversation promises to be enriching and empowering. We invite you to tune in as we celebrate the achievements and stories that shape our diverse world. Nehel Hafeez’s insights and expertise are sure to inspire and uplift, making this episode a transformative experience for our audience. By subscribing now, you’re embarking on a journey of empowerment, where we spotlight exceptional women like Nehel Hafeez who redefine the essence of success through their personal and professional triumphs. Stay tuned for an episode that will captivate, motivate, and illuminate – an episode that exemplifies the spirit of “Not Every Woman.” Join us on this transformative experience, and let Nehel Hafeez’s story inspire you as we celebrate the strength and resilience of remarkable women.

    Host : Marriam Kaiwan

    Guest : Ft. Nehel Hafeez (Asst.Commissioner)

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