Loss of Father, Broken Relationships & Body Shaming | Dr Marium | Not Every Woman | Epi # 10

    In this episode of “Not Every Woman,” we had the pleasure of inviting Dr Marium Ayaz, an entrepreneur and nutritionist, to share her personal struggles and experiences with our viewers. Dr Marium talked about some very sensitive and important topics, including how to cope with the loss of a father, dealing with broken relationships, and the effects of body shaming. She also shared her journey as an entrepreneur, managing her family and businesses simultaneously, and the challenges she faced in achieving her goals. Her inspiring words and practical advice will surely motivate and encourage women who are facing similar struggles in their lives. This episode is a must-watch for all women who are looking for guidance and inspiration to overcome personal and professional challenges and achieve their dreams. Join us as we learn from Dr Marium’s experiences and gain valuable insights on how to navigate through life’s difficult moments.

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