Not Every Woman (In the light of Psychology) ft. Dr. Semra Salik | NEW | Epi 22

    Welcome to the enlightening world of “Not Every Woman,” where we proudly present an extraordinary individual, SEMRA SALIK. Join us as we delve into the inspiring journey of Dr. Semra Salik, an accomplished Clinical Psychologist and the Founder/Director of PsychCare Islamabad. With a strong background in the mental health care industry, Dr. Semra Salik brings her wealth of experience to our latest empowering episode. As a Clinical Psychologist, she has dedicated herself to making a positive impact on individuals’ well-being. Driven by her passion and commitment, Dr. Semra Salik holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Bahria University, showcasing her dedication to furthering her field’s knowledge and contributing to mental health advancements. Get ready to be captivated, motivated, and illuminated as we unveil insights that transcend conventional boundaries and redefine the essence of success. By subscribing now, you’re embarking on an empowering and transformative journey with us. Hosted by the incredible Marriam Kaiwan, our special guest, SEMRA SALIK, shares her remarkable journey, insights, and expertise on our podcast variety channel. Tune in for an enriching conversation that promises to uplift, inspire, and empower. Join us on this transformative experience, where we celebrate the achievements and stories that shape our diverse world. Host : Marriam Kaiwan Guest : Dr Semra Salik ( Clinical Psychologist )

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