Nothing is impossible if a woman believes in herself | Dr. Nosheen Abbas | Upper Deck Ep 12

    In this inspiring video, we delve into the remarkable life and journey of Dr. Nosheen Abbas, a renowned Nutritionist and Dietitian. We explore the power of self-belief with the statement, “Nothing is impossible if a woman believes in herself,” as Dr. Abbas shares her insights on the importance of self-confidence and determination. From a humble homemaker to a celebrity personality maker, we uncover Dr. Nosheen Abbas’s extraordinary evolution in a heartwarming narrative that exemplifies resilience and ambition. Join us on this captivating ride from her early days as a homemaker to her current role as a celebrated personality builder. Discover the transformative power of self-belief and determination as we follow her remarkable journey.

    Host : Abbas Bilgrami Guest : Ft. Dr. Nosheen Abbas (Nutritionist/Dietition)

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