PCOS, Pregnancy weight and Fat burning | Amna Khan | Not Every Woman | Epi 15

    Welcome to the latest episode of “Not Every Woman”! In this captivating installment, we had the pleasure of hosting Amna Khan, a certified fitness trainer with a remarkable 8-year track record as a dedicated personal trainer. Amna’s expertise has positively impacted the lives of over 1000 women worldwide, and she graced us with her wisdom in this enlightening episode. Join us as we delve into Amna’s personal journey, where she shares her educational background in ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). However, she soon discovered that her true passion lay elsewhere, leading her to make the courageous decision to drop her ACCA pursuit. Undeterred, she then embarked on a journey of business studies not once but twice, only to realize that it wasn’t her destined path either. A turning point in Amna’s life came through a personal experience within her family, which awakened her to the profound significance of female health and fitness. Drawing from her own transformation, she elucidates the importance of self-care and empowers women to take charge of their well-being. In this captivating episode, Amna Khan engages in an in-depth discussion about various female-related health issues that affect countless women worldwide. She sheds light on topics such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), weight gain during pregnancy, and Post Natal exercises, providing valuable insights and practical tips. Furthermore, Amna fearlessly confronts social issues that plague our society, such as body shaming and mental health. With empathy and understanding, she addresses the detrimental impact these issues can have on women and offers guidance on fostering a positive self-image and maintaining sound mental well-being. Prepare to be inspired as Amna Khan shares her remarkable journey and imparts invaluable knowledge in this empowering episode of “Not Every Woman.” Whether you’re seeking guidance on fitness, struggling with health concerns, or looking to enhance your overall well-being, this episode is a must-watch for all women. Don’t miss out on this transformative conversation—hit that play button now and embark on a journey towards holistic health and empowerment with Amna Khan on “Not Every Woman”!

    Host : Marriam Kaiwan Guest : Amna Khan

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