RAW needs to Consume whole Afghanistan to become ISI | Son of Gen Hamid Gul | Uncut by Ahsan| Epi 12

    In the latest episode of Uncut by Ahsan, we dive into the intriguing world of #intelligence and geopolitics as we sit down with Abdullah Hamid Gul, the son of the renowned former #ISI Chief, General Hamid Gul. Abdullah Hamid Gul is not only the Chairman of Tehrik Jawanan #Pakistan but also the Director General of the MEASAC Research Center. During this captivating podcast, Abdullah shares personal anecdotes about his father’s life, highlighting the instrumental role General Hamid Gul played in shaping his own growth and imparting invaluable lessons along the way. Delving into the depths of his father’s legacy, Abdullah sheds light on General Hamid Gul’s unwavering patriotism and the formidable reputation he earned as the ISI Cheif. We explore the lasting impact General Hamid Gul had on the #geopolitical structure of the region and the wider world. Furthermore, the conversation shifts to a thought-provoking comparison between RAW and ISI. Abdullah offers intriguing insights into the roles and functions of these intelligence agencies, shedding light on their distinct approaches and objectives. The #podcast takes an eye-opening turn as Abdullah delves into the role of international lobbies in destabilizing Pakistan. He explores the concept of the “5th generation #warfare” and highlights #Imran Khan’s significance as a key player in the current state of destabilization. Drawing from personal experiences, Abdullah recalls a shared memory with his father, where an #Indian Prime Minister visited Pakistan seeking advice on making their #RAW as professional as the ISI. This anecdote offers a glimpse into the respect and regard General Hamid Gul commanded in the intelligence community. Abdullah also discusses the importance of #Afghanistan for Pakistan and addresses the sensitive topic of India’s involvement in the region. He shares his perspective on Pakistan’s foreign policy and the factors that influence and control it. Join us on this captivating journey as we unravel the intricacies of intelligence, geopolitics, and Pakistan’s foreign affairs in the company of Abdullah Hamid Gul. Gain unique insights and broaden your understanding of the complex dynamics shaping the region and the world at large Host : Ahsan Bilal Guest : Abdullah Hamid Gul

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