Round up of PVC 2023 | Special Episode | Podcast Variety Channel

    Tune in for an exclusive episode as our hosts—Ammad, Abbas Bilgrami, Siyar Ali Shah, Marriam Kaiwan, and Ahsan Bilal Bajwa—share their personal insights and reviews about their respective podcast series in this special episode. Get a firsthand account as they provide a roundup of the Podcast Variety Channel 2023 (PVC 2023), offering a unique glimpse into the diverse and captivating world of podcasting. From thought-provoking discussions on socio-political issues to inspiring stories of women empowerment and unfiltered insights, these hosts take you on a journey through the highlights of their podcast experiences. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear directly from the voices behind the shows, providing a genuine and reflective look at the diverse content presented on the Podcast Variety Channel. Subscribe now to stay connected and discover the rich tapestry of reviews, anecdotes, and perspectives shared by our talented hosts.

    1. Mere Pas Mic Hai: Ammad: In this special episode, join Ammad as he reviews and reflects on the highlights of his previous episodes, offering a comprehensive roundup of “Mere Pas Mic Hai” in 2023.

    2. The Upper Deck: Host – Abbas Bilgrami:In this episode, Abbas Bilgrami takes you on a reflective journey, reviewing and discussing key moments from “The Upper Deck” in 2023.

    3. Ground Zero: Siyar Ali Shah: Siyar Ali Shah takes a retrospective look at his thought-provoking episodes, providing insights and reviews on the significant moments from “Ground Zero” in 2023.

    4. Not Every Woman: “Not Every Woman” with Marriam Kaiwan, in this episode she is giving a roundup of “Not Every Woman” episodes in 2023.

    5. Uncut by Ahsan: In this special episode Ahsan is providing a comprehensive roundup of “Uncut by Ahsan” in 2023.

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