She doesn’t just sing; she empowers. Breaking barriers | Jia Nauman | Mere Pas Mic Hai | Ep 6

    Join Ammad Gul in this compelling episode featuring the versatile Jia Nauman, a talented individual with expertise in singing, music composition, and TV anchoring. In this engaging conversation, Jia Nauman provides insights into the highs and lows of their career, offering a glimpse into their life journey. Discover Jia Nauman’s deep passion for singing and gain inspiration from the experiences of this seasoned professional. Subscribe, like, and share to stay connected and enjoy more captivating discussions with fascinating guests. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the talents of Jia Nauman, a multifaceted artist excelling in the realms of singing, music composition, and TV anchoring. Host : Ammad Gul Guest : Ft. Jia Nauman (Singer, Music Composer, TV Anchor)

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