Story of a woman with the nerve of steel and a heart of a warrior | Noshin Masud | Upper Deck |Ep 14

    Welcome to “The Upper Deck”! In this captivating episode, host Abbas Bilgrami engages in a profound conversation with Noshin Masud Ahmed, a distinguished Communications Expert boasting an impressive 20-year career. Noshin’s journey is a tapestry of success, prominently featuring his pivotal role in a World Bank initiative post-Covid, aimed at bolstering resilience in Pakistan’s education sector. Join us as Noshin shares insights into her role as the Head of Communications at the Universal Service Fund (USF), where she played a crucial role in designing and executing awareness campaigns highlighting the socioeconomic benefits of telecom infrastructure projects. As a founding member of the USF, she established the Communications department from scratch, implementing effective policies and procedures. Noshin’s wealth of experience extends to her role as an Independent Communications Consultant for esteemed organizations such as the Federal Ministry for Inter-provincial Coordination and USAID, further enriching her expertise in the field. Her journey includes serving as a Senior Project Manager at the Ministry of IT & Telecom and as an Assistant Director-Programmes at COMSATS Headquarters. In addition to her practical experience, Noshin holds an MBA degree from Quaid-i-Azam University and has pursued specialized training in Communications and Project Management from LUMS. She has also contributed significantly to the field of sustainable development through published papers. Recognized for her expertise, Noshin Masud Ahmed has had the honor of representing Pakistan in international conferences and workshops, solidifying her global perspective on communication practices. Don’t miss this exclusive episode of #TheUpperDeck, where Noshin Masud Ahmed shares her incredible story, offering deep insights into the world of global communications, resilience, and impactful projects. Host : Abbas Bilgrami Guest : Ft. Noshin Masud (Former Communications Expert World Bank)

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