Talent in Pakistan | Is it recognized and rewarded | Nauman Khan Lasharie | Mere Pas Mic Hai | Ep 2

    Discover an inspiring conversation on our podcast channel featuring Ammad Gul as the host and Nouman Lasharie as our esteemed guest. Nouman, a talented singer and host, takes us on a journey through his life. In this episode, Ammad Gul shares younger generation’s perspective on technology, experimentation, and self-belief, shares his wisdom and observations. Ammad delivers a powerful message about happiness, leaving you with valuable insights to ponder. Join us for this engaging and thought-provoking discussion that delves into the world of music, technology, and the pursuit of happiness. Don’t miss this captivating episode on our podcast channel. Subscribe, like, and share to stay tuned for more enriching conversations.

    Host : Ammad Gul Guest : Ft. Nauman Khan Lasharie ( Team Lead kay2tv, Singer, Artist)

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