The Inspiring Story of Business Leadership | Ch Nadeem A. Rauf | The Upper Deck | Epi #2

    In this episode of our podcast, we had the honor of hosting a retired President of the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce & Industry Ch. Nadeem A. Rauf, who has achieved remarkable success in his industry. His experiences and achievements serve as a great source of inspiration for many aspiring professionals. During the podcast, he shared invaluable insights into the work ethics and policies that have contributed to his success. His consistent approach towards his work is a testament to his dedication and commitment to his profession. He also spoke about his experiences dealing with foreign diplomats, highlighting the importance of effective communication and diplomacy in business relations. The guest also shed light on the qualities of a good leader and the importance of strong leadership skills in driving success. His experience as a leader in his industry has taught him the importance of transparency, accountability, and teamwork. Guest : Abbas Bilgrami Guest : Ch Nadeem A. Rauf

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