When TV Anchors become Podcasters | Meet the team behind PVC | Episode #1

    The “Podcast Variety” series will feature an array of hosts, each hosting a unique podcast. Kaiwan Hamid Raja and Nosheen Bukhari will co-host a podcast series that will address critical and delicate topics that may not be suitable for conventional television. Ahsan Bilal Bajwa will host Uncut podcasts on socio-political issues, offering insightful analysis and debates on current events and their effect on society. Furthermore, the podcast series will encompass a diverse array of hosts and will feature guests from a spectrum of disciplines. In addition to entrepreneurs, digital marketing experts, motivational speakers, and educationalists, the series will also include influential women entrepreneurs, psychologists, musicians, and showbiz personalities. These podcasts will act as a repository for erudite, enlightening, and inspirational content, providing their audience with a rich tapestry of knowledge and motivation.

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