Justice Divided: Pakistan’s Dual Judicial System | Adv Imran Feroze Malik | Uncut by Ahsan | Epi #10

    Welcome to the latest episode of “Uncut by Ahsan”, we have a special guest – a seasoned lawyer and founding partner of ABZ Law, who is a criminal lawyer and political commentator. Our conversation delves into the Alqadir case, which led to the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan last week. We discuss the grounds on which the judicial system of Pakistan provided relief to Imran Khan and the double standard in the Pakistani judicial system, which operates differently for the common man and the ruling class. We also examine the role of Bahria Town and Malik Riaz Hussain in the Alqadir University case and why there has been little discussion of them. Furthermore, we delve into the topic of ongoing political instability and the tactics employed by political parties to shape public opinion through their narratives. The prevailing negative sentiments directed towards the Pakistan Army are a cause for concern, indicating a growing division within the nation. We investigate the reasons behind incidents such as the recent firing at the core commander house in Lahore and the emergence of critical discourse surrounding the army. It is striking to reflect upon a time when aspiring to become army officers and harboring immense admiration for the army were widespread sentiments. Finally, we examine the flaws in the judicial system and provide tips on how to choose the right lawyer. Join us for a fascinating discussion that sheds light on the current state of Pakistan’s political and judicial systems. Host: Ahsan Bilal Bajwa Guest: Adv Imran Feroze Malik

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