Shahab-ud-Din: Inspiring the Next Generation of Journalists | Uncut by Ahsan | Epi #4

    In the latest episode of Uncut by Ahsan, Makhdoom Shahab-ud-Din, an acclaimed journalist and news anchor, was featured as a guest. He has worked at various national news channels such as PTV News and Hum News, and is also a columnist for leading Pakistani newspapers, including Daily Times and Pakistan Observer. In 2019, he received the prestigious Agahi Journalist of the Year award for his outstanding investigative journalism.

    During the exclusive podcast, Shahab-ud-Din discussed his family background and shared his journey of becoming a journalist, starting from the age of 18. He reflected on his experience interviewing TLP Khadim Hussain Rizvi during his time at Roze News, and later working as a news presenter at Hum News, where he covered night shifts. He also conducted a memorable interview with former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. In addition to his work in traditional media, Shahab-ud-Din also gained popularity on social media for his unique style.

    Certainly, Shahab-ud-Din is known for his optimistic mindset, which was evident during his podcast interview. Despite the challenges and criticisms he has faced, he remains positive and committed to his work as a journalist. His unwavering dedication to the profession serves as an inspiration for the Pakistani youth and is a testament to the power of optimism and perseverance in the face of adversity. During the podcast, Shahab-ud-Din expressed his views on Pakistani politics, specifically on Imran Khan’s political approach. However, he has been subject to criticism by some who have accused him of being a “paid YouTuber” rather than a genuine journalist. Despite these challenges, Shahab-ud-Din remains committed to his profession and continues to create impactful content that raises awareness about significant issues that affect Pakistan and its people.

    In addition to his reflections on Pakistani politics and Imran Khan’s political approach, Shahab-ud-Din also made startling revelations about Imran Khan’s videos during the podcast. In addition to his work in traditional media, Shahab-ud-Din has also garnered a following on social media for his distinctive style. He discussed both his electronic and digital media journeys in this podcast and recited poetry by Amjad Isam Amjad in his melodious voice. This podcast is a source of motivation for Pakistani youth.

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