First Female Muslim Cartoonist | Nigar Nazar | Gogi Cartoons | Upper Deck Epi 11

    Welcome to “The Upper Deck,” hosted by Abbas Bilgrami. In this episode, we feature Ms. Nigar Nazar, the first female cartoonist in Pakistan and the Muslim world. She introduced the iconic character Gogi, addressing social issues with humor and creativity. Nigar’s work has reached a global audience, and she’s received numerous accolades, including the Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah Award and recognition by the BBC. Nigar is the founder of Gogi Studios, actively engaged in campaigns for social awareness. She’s also a Fulbright Scholar and a founding member of the Asian Youth Association for Animators and Cartoonists. Join us to explore Nigar’s extraordinary journey and her impact on art and women’s empowerment. Don’t miss this inspiring episode of “The Upper Deck

    Host : Abbas Bilgrami Guest : Ft. Nigar Nazar (Cartoonist)

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